Monday, February 07, 2005

Upgrading SuSE

This is old news from me at this point, as I performed this upgrade a while back, and just forgot to blog it, but I'm mentioning it, as it continues to nibble at my hind parts from time to time.

I upgraded my SuSE install. Apparently, I went from 9.1 Server to 9.2 Workstation, or somesuch, and it removed a bunch of stuff. Like PostgreSQL and Ant, among other things. And when I went back to install those two things off the 9.1 disks, it thought I wanted to downgrade everything. Harumph.

It would have been nice to have had YaST mention that I was doing this. Techically, it said that it was removing outdated packages, but during an upgrade, that's what's supposed to happen, IMO. I didn't make the connection that those particular packages wouldn't be reinstalled, and it wasn't until much later, when I couldn't even find PostgreSQL in the package list, that I realized I had switched products. (In my defense, Boss just handed me the disks and said "here, dude, upgrade your box".)

I "fixed" things by pointing YaST at a full online 9.2 mirror, at which point it had the full list of packages to choose from.

Then today, I reinstalled ant. Okay, fine. But from within Eclipse, ant found javah just fine; from the command line, it didn't. Solved it by installing SuSE's ant-nodeps package. Eclipse includes everything ant needs, apparently, and doesn't expose it to the command line version.


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