Wednesday, January 26, 2005


We're up to designing our database. We're porting an existing database from Filepro (?) to PostgreSQL, and wanted to have a diagram of our ERD. After a brief bit of poking around, we found tedia2sql, a Perl program that takes a diagram out of Dia and generates DDL for you. It's Open Source, of course, so we were able to have one of our crack Perl coders (i.e. not me) modify it to generate some files used by an internal program. Just what the doctor ordered.

It's interesting, too, in that it uses Dia's class diagram widgets, (which are more functional than its database widgets). But the docs are quite clear, and it was very easy to put into Dia the objects that tedia2sql needed, and the PostgreSQL DDL worked just fine. (tedia2sql also supports MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and InnoDB.) Another nice thing tedia2sql does is automatically generate join tables, if you specify a n:n relationship between two tables. Very helpful.


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