Monday, December 20, 2004

Moving NB Project to Eclipse

Having accomplished the task of getting my build.xml to work under NetBeans, I need to go the other way, and get the same thing working under Eclipse. So I copy the NB folder over, and try to create an Eclipse project from it.

First thing Eclipse does is try to create src/com/foo/Hello packages, and gives errors on all files. That's not what I want. I try to delete the files from the project. Whoops, that actually deletes the files. I copy them back over.

Let's try importing. Hmm. That complains that it's trying to import into the same place that it's importing from. Let's create a new project. Okay, that imports okay, but doesn't place the files into a ./src folder. Scrap that idea.

Let's copy the project from scratch again. Still gives me the src/com/foo/Hello packages. Maybe we can move things around. I create a ./src source folder. It warns me about the overlap, but then fixes the packages, and puts things where I want them. But there are compile errors. Ah, just things missing from the classpath. Fixed that, and life is good. I can run my JUnit tests, and I can run build.xml.

Much easier going from NB to Eclipse than vice versa, for this particular test, at least.


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