Friday, August 20, 2010

Bind for Logging

Talked to Rob and Nate, and both agree that to log internal web requests, setting up my own bind is the easy way to go, then set the router to set all internal machines to it via static dns on dhcp.

Installing was a snap (straight out of Synaptic), and it just worked, right out of the box. Logging wasn't turned on, but that took 5 mins. Don't need logrotate, as bind9 logging has that built in. Manually, I wrote a cut/sort/uniq/grep script, but I didn't have mail installed, (or the brainpower left at end of day), so the script will have to wait briefly.

I set the router's static DNS to this box, and by this morning, was getting requests from the XBox and Wii, as well as Wife's Macbook.

I added an entry to my crontab to generate the filtered list, putting it into ~/bin (for no real good reason). Given the size of it, I'll probably generate it nightly, but only mail it out weekly, and just poke around with adding things to the grep filter.

Installed first mailutils, then exim4, then mutt, then finally sendemail until the latter let me send email from the command line simply, without configuring an MTA. Configuring an MTA just isn't something I have the brainpower for tonight. Anyway, my ISP doesn't require authentication from within their network, so sendemail worked like a charm, after bzipping the file down, (apparently they have a size limit, or something?)

So crontab is setup to mail the log out weekly, and we'll see how it goes.


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