Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rsync Notes

Couldn't get rsync to work. Message was "connection refused", among other things. Realized that rsyncd wasn't running on other box. Realized that RSYNC_ENABLE in /etc/default/rsync wasn't set. Set that.

It then complained about a missing /etc/rsyncd.conf file. Did a locate for it, and found a sample one in /usr/share/doc/rsync/examples. Copied that into place, and tried again. rsyncd would start, and rsync on the other box then connected to it, but complained about a missing module (I think). So I copied lines that looked interesting out of the sample ("ftp") module, and created "home", which is what my old original command was looking for.

That got me to a point where it would connect to the module, but was unable to read any of the files. Seems I added uid/gid lines, but left them set to nobody/nogroup, which didn't work so well. Changed them to my user/group, and things worked fine.

Update: Nate suggests using ssh public keys and rsync -auv, instead of the rsync daemon.


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