Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Missing gconf-2.0.pc during emerge

During an emerge of gnome-vfs, got error message of 'Library dependencies ... not met'. Turned out that gconf-2.0.pc was missing. Searched Gentoo forums, and found a suggestion to copy in existing gconf-2.0.pc; didn't exactly like that, as I wasn't sure how appropriate it was for my system.

So I untarred /usr/portage/distfiles/GConf-2.6.2.tar.bz2, and ran ./configure, which created a gconf-2.0.pc; copied that to /usr/lib/pkgconfig, and re-emerged gnome-vfs. No luck, got report that header file was missing. I examined gconf-2.0.pc, did a locate for missing header file, and hence saw what needed to be fixed in gconf-2.0.pc, (prefix was pointing to /usr/local, and should have pointed to /usr). Re-emerged gnome-vfs, which worked fine this time.

Still not sure why a) the wrong value was generated by configure, and b) the file wasn't placed where it should have been. But it works, and I can continue.


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