Monday, November 01, 2004

Started in on Netbeans; Eclipse Trouble

Got Netbeans 3.6 running, and started playing with it. Worked through the QuickStart and Using guide. It looks fine, but feels a little sluggish compared to what I remember Eclipse being. But A) I'm also doing emerges (compiles) at the same time, and B) I'm probably not on as fast a box as I was when I used Eclipse. I pulled down Eclipse 3.0.1, and will compare apples to apples tomorrow.

I do like Netbeans' Import Management Tool. Nice amount of control over how you specify and manage your imports. And I wish I'd had a GUI editor when I was doing that Swing stuff.

As a footnote, Eclipse was crashing on me, but again, I was mid-compile, and the .so's that Eclipse listed on the dump were on both sides of my compile, so I'll wait until I'm not messing with stuff before trying to troubleshoot.


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